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Safety and comfort is an essential in all parts of your experience. With a variety to choose from from ribbed, to ultra thin, to extra shaped, these days, choosing the right one for you has never been so easy.

Why add extra lube when you can use a condom that already has extra lube? Durex Feel Thin Extra Lube Extra Lubricated Condoms are similar to regular Durex Feel Thin Extra Lube condoms but come with extra lubricant - making them perfect for combating ..
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Add a new life to your sexy time with Durex Thin Feel Condoms. They are only 0.055mm thick and give the real feeling of skin-to-skin contact, strengthening the bond with your partner. Due to the anatomical shape and the easy fit, these condoms are ex..
€12.35 €15.44
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Durex Naturals Condoms are meant for her in mind, coated with a water-based lubricant made from 98% natural ingredients for a natural feel. Made with a gentle formula designed for her for a smooth experience during anal, oral and vaginal sex. Easy to..
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Do you like rougher sex or do you want a thicker, stronger condom for seamless anal intercourse? Then Durex Extra Safe Condoms are for you. Designed with extreme pleasure in mind, these condoms are thicker than regular condoms; but at just 0.08mm thi..
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Discover the Durex Nude Condoms for a skin-to-skin sensation. Thanks to the ultra-fine texture, these condoms offer maximum sensations and safety. The ultra-thin condoms are made of latex and contain a silicone-based lubricant. The condoms are easy t..
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