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Enhance sexual arousal and pleasure with any one of many couples sex toys. Whether you are adding some spice to a relationship, or exploring couples toys together for the first time, there is a mountain of toys, goods and products that will explore adventure and pleasure like you have never seen. Be your ultimate adventurous self and join in on new journeys of pleasure that you didn't know existed.

Osci 2 is a new generation of oscillating g-spot toy with a stronger motor, improved head shape, a more comfortable toy angle, a drastically improved battery life (up to 5 hours!), improved connectivity, and a new charging method! Close Range Control..
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Lush is a smartphone (or smartwatch) controlled bullet vibrator. It's designed for solo play, discreet public play and long distance couples. The hardware is fully optimized for public play so it's powerful, but quiet. Close Range Control - Tap and s..
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Lush 3 - is the latest version of our worldwide famous remote-controlled egg vibrator with some several significant improvements such as fixed tail that "hugs" body and makes sure that the toy would stay at the right place and provide deeper vibratio..
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Have an exciting experience with this luxurious chastity device. You wear this cage over the scrotum and penis. The comfortable leather and the sturdy nickel-free metal rings provide a cool kinky look. At the end is a smaller ring to which you can at..
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Perfect for him or her! This strap on features a realistic dildo with a bullet vibrator in the top, and you can use it with or without a harness. You can also use the dildo with or without vibration, as the remote control can be disconnected, as well..
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Dr Rocco has a vibrating cock ring with perineal stimulation created just for you. The Poseidon will take you on a journey where you will discover your innermost sexual fantasies. Arouse and satisfy your deepest desires with this cock ring. The Posei..
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Treat yourself and your partner to this exciting BDSM set. In this 8-piece set you will find various bondage and S&M products for a thrilling night in the bedroom. This set is very suitable for couples who are interested in BDSM, but don't have m..
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Combine a metal cock ring with a ribbed silicone butt plug. Pull the penis and balls through the ring to create a hard and sensitive erection. Insert the plug and enjoy a great anal stimulation. The straps are adjustable for a good fit. The plug can ..
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The silicone you that separates the balls! The sex toy is worn around the base of the penis. The small rings are worn around the testicles and therefore provide a pulling and squeezing sensation. The splitter is adjustable with the snap fasteners, so..
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This 8-Style Ball Splitter won't allow any part of your masculine forms to pass unnoticed. The ball splitter makes it possible to stimulate the penis and balls at the same time as you want. The toy is in fact fully adjustable, so you decide how tight..
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Surprise your lover with this beautiful love box and enjoy the various toys and accessories together! The 14 Days of Love gift set consists of a heart-shaped box with 14 compartments. Open one compartment each day and experiment with a new toy every ..
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Seduce, explore and experiment with this deluxe erotic shades box. Luxurious accessories at your fingertips to explore all fantasies for the novice explorer of BDSM...
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